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Captain Benzie

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As an aspiring and immensly talented player and content creator we’re proud to have Captain Benzie as part of the team. So far he has been deep into Command and Conquer Rivals but now a new journey unfolds with his interest in Armajet. It should be said that this guy is one to keep your eyes open for because he delivers great stuff!

Command and Conquer Rivals

Acting on Instinct – Series

Acting on Instinct – Looks at the gameplay mechanics of Rivals, examining how the game works, various strategies and systems to make you a better player.

Intel Report – Series

Intel Report – this series examines each of the units in Rivals, breaking them down to show you how they work and what they do. With suggested decks and replay analysis, Intel Report aims to teach you both how to run the unit, and how to counter it effectively.


What is Aramjet?

Armajet is an accessible, free-to-play multiplayer shooter designed for mobile that pits teams of players against each other in fast-paced jetpack combat! Armajet is developed by Super Bit Machine. Sign-up for Armajet Beta 2.0 here.

Loadout Lowdown – Series

Loadout Lowdown – When jetting into the arena, you need to know how your weaponry works, and what your opponents are bringing against you. This series aims to teach aspiring bounty hunters how to make the most of their armaments.

More to come soon!

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