Data Protection


The following Data protection informs users of the type, the volume and the purpose of collection and usage of personalized data by the responsible provider on this website.
Official information regarding data protection and the legal basis are available in the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG).

Access data/Server-Logfiles

The Provider (and their Webspace-Provider respectively) gathers Data with every access on the website (so-called Server-Logfiles). The following data falls under access data:

The name of the retrieved Website, data file, date and time of retrieval, volume of transported data, Alert on successful retrieval, type of browser (including version), the user´s operating system, referrer URL (the last visited site), IP-address and the inquired provider.

The provider uses protocol data for the sole purpose of statistical evaluation in regards to operation, safety and optimization of the website. The provider reserves the right to retrospectively examine protocol data if concrete evidence suggests unlawful usage.

Handling of personalized data

Personalized data is information that aids in the process of identifying a person, namely details that are traceable to one person. This includes for instance the name, the e-mail address or the telephone number, but also data concerning preferences, hobbies, memberships or what websites were visited are included.

Personalized data will only be retrieved, used and redistributed, if the action is of lawful nature or the user wishes so in the context of statutory boundaries.

Contact establishment

In case of contact establishment with the provider (for instance through the contact form or e-mail), user information will be saved for the purpose of dealing with the inquiry, along with possible follow up questions.

Integration of Services and third-party content

Due to our various social media and online-activities, there is a possibility that our website contains third-party content, such as YouTube videos, Twitter postings, Twitch streams, Google Maps template map for navigation, Facebook content and comments, but also content of other websites. This requires the provider of these contents (henceforth referred to as “third-party”) to monitor the user´s IP-address at all times. Certain content could be excluded from being sent to the user´s browser without the IP-address. Therefore, the IP-address is inevitably required in order to present the content. we are endeavored to only use content where the providers solely need the IP-address for the transfer of content. However, we have no influence if data is being saved, for instance for statistical purposes. As far as we are informed, we will be transparent with the user.


Cookies are small data files that enable the possibility to save specific, device related data on the user´s device (PC, smart phone, e.g.). On the one hand, they serve the user friendliness of websites and consequently the user themselves (e.g. saving login credentials). On the other hand, they serve the statistical data gathering of website usage and aid the analysis in regards to improving the website. Users can influence the usage of cookies. The majority of browsers have an option at their disposal that restricts or completely blocks the storage of cookies. However, it is made clear that the usage, and especially the comfort in usage, is restricted without cookies.
Verwalten sie ihre Cookies:

Usage of Facebook Social Plugins

This website uses Social Plugins (“Plugins”) from the social network, which is operated by the Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). The Plugins are perceptible from the Facebook logo (white “f” on blue square, the term “Like” or the “Thumbs up”-symbol) or are labelled with the “Facebook Social Plugin” add-on. The list and the appearance of the Facebook Social Plugins can be seen here:

If a user checks a website that uses said Plugin within our website, a direct connection with the Facebook servers will be made with the user´s browser. The plugin´s content will be transmitted directly by Facebook from your browser and included in the website. The provider therefore has no influence on the volume of gathered data by Facebook using said Plugin and, as a consequence, informs the users in accordance with their state of knowledge:

Through inclusion of the Plugin, Facebook gains the information, that a user has checked a corresponding site within our website. If the user is logged into Facebook, the connected Facebook account can be connected to the visit of the site by Facebook. If the user interacts with the Plugins, for instance pressing the Like Button or commenting, the relative information of your browser will be transmitted directly to Facebook and saved there. If a user is not a member of Facebook, the possibility still persists that Facebook will establish their IP-address and save it. According to Facebook, in Germany, only an anonymous IP-address will be saved.

The purpose and the volume of data collection and the further use and processing of data by Facebook, as well as the related rights and control possibilities for the protection and privacy of users, can be checked by the user in the data protection notice by Facebook: If a user is a member of Facebook and they do not want Facebook to collect data through our website and connect them with their saved member data on Facebook, they must first log out of Facebook before accessing said service. Advanced settings and dissents concerning the usage of data for advertising purposes, are available within the Facebook profile settings: .


This website uses buttons from Twitter. These buttons are provided by the Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. They are recognizable by terms as “Twitter” or “Follow”, in connection with the characteristic blue bird. With the aid of said buttons, it is possible to share a post or site within our website on twitter or to follow the provider on Twitter. If a user checks a website on our platform that contains one of the described Buttons, their browser will establish a direct connection with the Twitter servers. The content of the Twitter buttons will be directly transmitted to the user´s browser by Twitter. Therefore, the provider has no influence on the volume of data, that Twitter gathers with the help of these Plugins and informs the users in accordance with their state of knowledge. According to said state, solely the user´s IP-address in connection with the URL of the corresponding website regarding the usage of the Buttons will be used for transmission, but will not be used for other purposes except for displaying the buttons. Further information to this can be found in the data protection policies of twitter:


This website uses buttons of the Twitch services. These buttons are provided by the Twitch Interactive, Inc. based in 350 Bush Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA. They are recognizable by terms as “Twitch” or “Follow”, in combination with the purple “Glitch” Logo. With the aid of buttons, it is possible to watch a Live stream, as well as being directly forwarded to Twitch. Further information regarding data protection and further general legal applications are visible on the follow site:


This website uses the buttons of the YouTube services. These buttons are provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. They are recognizable by terms as “YouTube” or “subscribe”, in combination with the red “Play Button” Logo. With the aid of buttons, it is possible to watch live streams & videos, as well as executing interactions directly related to YouTube, such as Subscribing to a channel, Thumbs up or down and the direct forwarding to YouTube. Further information regarding data protection and further general legal applications are visible on the following site:

Retraction, Alternation, Rectification and Updates

The user has the right to receive, on behalf of an inquiry, information free of charge concerning personalized data that has been saved about them. Additionally, the user has the right to rectify false data, confine or delete their personalized data, as long as there is no legal obligation to preserve records.