Angelo Zanot Luigi

Angelo „Luigi “Zanot – Mr. Unpredictable of our League of Legends Austria Team, as well as the team´s main AD Carry.

1 Year
80.0Win Rate
9.4Avg. KDA Ratio
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Avg. Deaths
Avg. Assists
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in all time
Avg. Deaths
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Angelo „Luigi “Zanot – Mr. Unpredictable of our League of Legends Austria Team, as well as the team´s main AD Carry. Being one of the newest and youngest members of our roster, but already by far one of the most crucial parts, he stepped right out of solo queue into coordinated play – enriching the team with his ability to close games by his own. He is providing a huge champion pool and held several farm titles in the past seasons. The potential to outplay outnumbered situations and punish mistakes makes him a dangerous threat in any moment of a game. Adapting to new metas and new champions with ease shows his proactive game style.
His signature pick, Xayah, is a target ban in all Scrims and Tournaments, leaving no counter play for enemies, being a menace by himself and threatening to solo carry games with his main champion.
Shortly after joining the Main Roster, he made a name for himself with his professional game ethics – becoming a living example for perfectional gameplay. Always reluctant to give up and trying to turn the tables, even in seemingly lost matches, shows his determination to win games through sheer inability to tilt. Watching him play in the League of Legends Austria Team for FieryTale is guaranteeing domination.

But besides his merciless game style, Luigi is a central part of the team with his dearing and happy personality. His love for the game shows his passion, always attempting to push the limits.
Starting with League of Legends in 2015, he finished his premier season of ranked (S6) in bronze 5, after which he began a ruthless climb all the way up to diamond in Season 9, striving for even more in the upcoming season 10.
Extreme focus and dedication on said season will make him one of the top candidates for the top Elo ladder and scorer in the A1 League, which he and his teammates of the FieryTale Esports Organization try to conquer, aiming for one of the few available spots. Additionally, he is poised to make an impact on several tournaments and LANs in Austria alike.