TFTF 5 – A new horizon

Reaching for the stars

Since the release in may 2016 Overwatch has contributed immensly to esports. As the first fps multiplayer esports title by Blizzard it was expected to be successfull, but the success has probably surprised us by far on how much it really has been. Now in 2018 we’re announcing our own roster of fresh and motivated newcomers to the competitive scene as an attempt to make it all the way up to the exclusive OWL. With the expansion into Overwatch and a team with that much of an engagement we hope to reach great heights together soon!
Our first chance will be the upcoming Open Division. The competition will be fierce but we will make them burn down. So we welcome FieryTale Overwatch previously known as “Eternal”:

  • Aeneas – Coach
  • Reef – Captain and Main Support 
  • MrBowman – DD & Flex
  • Demrick- Main Tank
  • Panzo – Offtank & Flex
  • Firefoxx – DD & Flex
  • Sunny – DD
  • Pilz – Support Flex
  • Dragonfly – Offtank & Tank Flex
  • TweeApollo – Main Tank (Sub)
FieryTale Overwatch Roster