Jonas „Ceethru“ Jutila – the brain of our League of Legends Austria Team, as well as the team´s head coach. Knowledgeable and witty, Jonas, the self-proclaimed rap god and meme connoisseur, leads our team when it comes to analyzing the games, going over them in the speed of light (hence the rap god) without omitting crucial information. Despite the fact that he has only been a member of our team since autumn 2019, Ceethru is an integral part of the squad with his incredible game sense and macro know-how. Taking into consideration that he picked up League of Legends just over one year ago (switching over from Dota), he can tell you everything about the game that you never even considered. Whether being the basics like the draft, rotations or even micro-related issues, or the nitty-gritty details of League like correct wave manipulation in your favor, constant jungle tracking and situational awareness training, Jonas has all the insights Fierytale could hope for in a coach.
In-game, Ceethru focuses specifically on the early laning phase, since it builds the foundation of a successful transition into the mid/late-game. Using creative and innovative coaching tactics, which he alternates frequently, Jonas teaches the team about champ synergies, team comps and prioritizing comfort over counter picks. His philosophy of “it’s better to be predictable for your team, rather than being unpredictable for your foes” aids the squad in various ways, especially when it comes to effective teamplay. These coaching attributes are further underlined by his serious and professional, yet funny and meme-influenced personality. A perfectionist in and out of League, Jonas always searches for new ways to tackle issues from multiple angles, finding a meticulous solution every time.
Ceethru started playing League in late 2018, having reached Platinum 2 in his first (and only) ranked season 9. According to him, this is due to his “boomer mechanics” (as he is a whopping 25 years of age). Fortunately, though, he decided to start coaching in the middle of 2019, starting with lower Elo teams and individual players. Having had about 30 individual coaching sessions and over half a dozen stints with teams, the Finn worked his way up to higher Elo teams, having coached plenty of diamond teams as well. In the upcoming season, Ceethru will be one of the core members of our FieryTale League of Legends supporting staff, trying to lead the team to even greater heights and a solid fin(n)ish in the prime League.