Overwatch Head Manager – Reef

Reef, an 18 year old student living in Luxembourg. He’s currently studying Informatics, project planning and communication. His interests are graphic design, production behind what is actually seen on stream and also the big managment work that generally happens in esports organizations. Those are a few reason why he entered the esports world. Here’s a little bit on his story and how he became who he is.

I started out over at the Oversalt Community and wokred my way up to Managment, created the former named “Eternal” Overwatch team which is now FieryTale and consists of 6 Teams.

Team Eternal Logo
Team Eternal

He is looking to work in the esports industry and test his skills once he finish his studies.

So far he has been successfully winning various titles for the FieryTale Overwatch branch as well as expand the from one team to an entire eco-system of 4 teams that will work towards helping and imrpoving each other. And while building up this new core section for FieryTale he will move up and become the Overwatch Head Manager for FieryTale and oversee all the new teams including Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Academy

In the meantime he is also producing for multiple projects including Oversalt Community, FieryTale Cup and Reflash Productions.