TFTF 6 – Captain Benzie joins the frontline

With the release of Command and Conquer – Rivals we make our official move into the next mobile title that has it’s past on PC.

With this we are happy to have another great person. His motivation and dedication at this stage are just truly inspiring and this is just one of the reasons why we brought him into the fiery office. But let’s hear what Captain Benzie has to say:

I am very excited to announce that I am now working in conjunction with FieryTale! These guys are serious about their esports with teams in CSGO, Overwatch, Vainglory and Armajet, and I’m pleased to be working alongside them as a content creator for CnC Rivals! It’s great to have that extra assistance with boosting my channel and giving me the chance to support the competitive scene for Rivals in my own little way. I can’t wait to see the competitors they put forward when the tournament scene here starts kicking off!

We are beyond excited to see a long-time brand like C&C moving to the mobile sector and finding a completely new player base with different experience and expectations. The mobile market is a completely different area for publishers and developers to step in as it’s still evolving and changing. Nothing is set and with this mindset EA and Red Wood Studios are bringing us a RTS game with some elements that we have seen in titles such as Clash Royal, Might and Magic and more.

The game plays smooth and is easy to understand. But to really squeeze out the most efficient plays you will need to know your moves, weak points and strength. There’s quite a lot to learn. As you level up your profile you unlock new incredible units to take care of and who bring new power and strategies to interact with.

We’re excited to see what the next months in Command and Conquer – Rivals have in store for the players and for those looking to become the best and compete against like-minded foes.