TFTF Chapter 7 – Goodbye soldiers

We’re sad to announce the departure of our CS:GO roster including Zd3x, Zo-Zo, Lazari, Depreshn and Drx. It all started as an amazing and promising second chance for us to dive into Counter Strike. We were ready to become legends all together. We trained hard and tightened our sleep schedules to become even better.

Eventually we became the winners of Ignis League Season 3. We kept playing various tournaments simultaneously and then in late January this year the vacations were over and other tasks took the attention. Responsibilities came back that had been small and have been given less time investment. The schedules for our training and competition became the issue.

We managed to kept it going and tried our best to optimize our schedules. A few weeks later we were 6-0 in the ESEA Open Division Session 30. It’s was incredible to know that we were able to manage and structure our opportunities to their best.

Matchday 7 of the ESEA Open Division was the turning point. We weren’t able to take the win but played a good game despite the loss 10:16. As it kept on going we struggled to schedule matches due to multiple reasons. Which brought us to a 8-8 score at the end of ESEA Season 30 and we as team were not able to make it to playoffs.

We were incredibly happy and full of joy to have all of these talented guys in the FieryFam. But none of us is done. The story continues for each of us and for the future we wish them a very warm farewell and much success for their careers!

#BeFiery 🔥