FieryTale OUTBREAK (2018)

The biggest Vainglory 5v5 tournament in the history of the game. With over 32 teams including Team Queso, Team Qlash, Wolves eSports, Divine Vendetta, Socially eSports, Wintex Sports, Eanix, and many strong teams out of the community we created the best show possible. We had lots of special guest such as ‘Nivmett’ (Live Server Balancing), FooJee (Esports Operations), DragonBorne (Founder of the VISLeauge and Senior Project Manager at Estar Studios) as well as Bayu (Coach for Team Queso) and many more.
We enjoyed the journey and this amazing experience together with the help and support of SEMC and the teams.
Thank you Vainglory for giving us this huge opportunity!